Monday, November 4, 2019

Beer in France Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Beer in France - Essay Example Denmark leads the continent with the highest number of alcohol users at 93% followed by Sweden and Netherlands at 90 and 88% respectively. On the other hand, the alcohol consumers were in Portugal at 58% with Italy and Hungary at 60% and 64% respectively, a trend that has remained intact since 2006 (Conibear, 32). Therefore, as the statistics above indicate, France is a moderate alcohol consumer, making it necessary for any marketers to understand beer or alcohol consumption trends in the country before implementing any marketing strategy. France portrays interesting dynamics with regard to beer and alcohol consumption at large. According to Conibear (34), there has been a drastic culture change in France, Italy and Spain about beer and alcohol consumption since the 1980s. Reports on beer consumption in France indicate an interesting trend with the average number of beer consumers decreasing significantly since the 1990s. For instance, Conibear (35) reports of a decline in the number of alcohol consumers above 15 years since the 1980s. The French beer consumption per capita in 1980 was 20, declining to 15.4 in 1990 and 14 by the year 2000 (Conibear 34). Age too is an influential factor with regard to beer intake across France. While 68% of persons above 50 years preferred wine, 29% of consumers between 14 and 29 years preferred beer, while port had more preference among women consumers (Conibear, 35). France is an average beer producer in Europe compared to other European countries. According to a beer statistics report, France produced 14,731,000 hectoliters of beer in 2009, 16,290,000 hectoliters and 15,910,000 hectoliters of beer in 2010 and 2011 respectively (Brewers of Europe, 4). The above figures indicate an average level production compared to Germany, which had over 95,000,000 hectoliters of beer in the three consecutive years. These data affirm that

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