Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pre-1500 And Post 1500 History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pre-1500 And Post 1500 History - Essay Example History is paramount in learning about our obligation and responsibilities as global citizens. The people who lived in the pre-1500 possess the same humanness we have today and thus their hopes, egos, as well as dreams we still have them today. Therefore, through the study of those who lived before us enable us gain understanding and know their mistakes and how to rectify them for our own good? It is because people remain the same, although technology may change. The memory of the past is the key to our identity. For example, in 1492, Columbus led the invasion of America where he found a new land (Tignor, 2011). This history gives us an account of how America was founded and makes the citizens develop a sense of identity. This is a historical event that has significance in our today global citizenship. The knowledge acquired helps us establish a clear understanding of the American history and the changes that has been realized in today’s America. Moreover, the global history h as enabled us gain knowledge that help in shaping the present. Migration Migration is another aspect of understanding global citizenship reflecting on migration that took place before 1500 especially in Europe. For example, the knowledge of the Europe invasion starting 800 BC to 400 BC is useful in our modern world as global citizens.

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